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Dog Quiz: Which Dog Breed Are You?

Dog Quiz: Which dog breed are you?


Dogs are truly man's best friend, no doubt about it. They are a faithful companion that can accompany you everywhere. Whether you have one, several dogs, or if you don't have any, the totally random questions you will find in this test, will allow us to get to know you in such a way that we will be able to tell you, what breed of dog you would be if you had been born as a dog.

Now, we are not going to compare you with just any dog, but we will compare you with Mexican dog breeds, or very popular in Mexico. Our selection will tell us if you look like the miniature Chihuahua or chihuahueño; the slender, elegant and millenarian Xoloitzcuintle; the popular Labrador, which is always full of energy; or the charismatic and tender pug.

When you know who you resemble the most, you will have another vision of life and you will appreciate even more these dogs, which in reality, all belong to excellent breeds.

In any case, you're sure to have your favourite, but would they really be the best fit for you? If you lived in the dog world, maybe you could be one of the famous and favourite dog breeds, find out in the following quiz.

Dog Quiz: Which dog breed are you?

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Dog Quiz: Which dog breed are you?

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