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Minecraft Quiz: How much do you know about Minecraft?

Ultimate Minecraft Quiz: How much do you know about Minecraft?


Are you a Minecraft prodigy? Do you think you know everything about this mega-popular game? Let's find out 😮

Minecraft grabs your attention the moment you see it for the first time. Not only its figures - officially 22.4 million units have been sold, and only counting the PC/Mac version - are impressive, also the essence of the game will catch your attention.

It's not a game with fancy graphics, contrary to the most common trend of the big franchises on the market. In Minecraft, everything is pixelated, which gives it a special charm while allowing it to run smoothly on computers that are not of the latest generation. It may even seem like an old game, already rusted by the passage of time; the reality is that this is its great charm.

The world of Minecraft is infinite and is based on blocks, the vast majority of them cube-shaped and of the same dimensions. And yes, we say well, infinite, because you could start going through it without ever reaching the edge; before the storage of your computer will run out.

In addition to being infinite, it is dynamic. No two worlds are the same, because every time you start a new game a new world is created, different from the previous one. Although your vision is limited, you can walk around the world to discover different things: villages of people, animals, natural events (volcanoes, caves, faults, etc.), and most interesting of all: you must collect materials to advance in the game, building new objects or improving the ones you already have.

enough said, any veteran Minecraft player already knows these details, but to today & with this ultimate Minecraft Quiz, we put your knowledge of the game to the test! Are you ready?

Ultimate Minecraft Quiz: How much do you know about Minecraft?

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Ultimate Minecraft Quiz: How much do you know about Minecraft?

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